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Le bâtiment Alvenat

Huilerie Alvenat

  • Zoning d'Achêne
  • Rue Houisse, 15
  • 5590 Achêne

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Huilerie Alvenat

Your rapeseed oil specialist

We specialise in the production of an exceptional non-GMO rapeseed vegetable oil sourced from local sustainable agriculture.


Its roots
in our soil

The rapeseed we use in our products comes exclusively from our local region. We are very lucky to have such perfect conditions, meaning that we can offer you high-quality rapeseed oil grown on Belgian soil.

Production stages

From harvesting to bottling, Alvenat rapeseed oil undergoes a manufacturing process that is fully controlled by our specialists. Our products are a combination of local agriculture and traditional know-how, produced by a responsible company.

La collection,
les produits

Discover our full range of natural rapeseed oil based products, full of flavour, delicious and healthy...