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Le bâtiment Alvenat

Huilerie Alvenat

  • Zoning d'Achêne
  • Rue Houisse, 15
  • 5590 Achêne

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The non-GMO rapeseed used in our natural vegetable oils is harvested in July, almost one year after it is sown. The seed present in the silique is used for the cold pressing.

The seeds are sown at the end of August, and harvested 11 months later, in July. The seedlings are covered until the end of winter, the most delicate stage of cultivation, as it is during this period that the plants are at risk from weed damage. In February, the rapeseed 'starts up again' and experiences a stage of rapid growth, flowering during the month of May. The oily element used for Alvenat rapeseed oil is in the seed extracted from the silique, the fruit of the plant.