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Le bâtiment Alvenat

Huilerie Alvenat

  • Zoning d'Achêne
  • Rue Houisse, 15
  • 5590 Achêne

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From rapeseed
to Alvenat oil

Alvenat rapeseed oil is the result of a fully in-house transformation process, under the expert control of professionals.

Our production chain comprises three processes which end in the bottling of our oil and its derivatives. These different production stages are recognised by AFSCA (the Federal Food Safety Agency) and we have also finalised our own HACCP self-assessment tool. We also possess international food safety standard ISO 22000.

Cold pressing: the first cold pressing consists in extracting the oilseed, whilst retaining all its natural nutrients. The technique we have perfected is unique in Europe and enables genuine organic extraction of the raw material.

Filtration: an important stage, which separates the usable material from the residue of the seed pressing, retaining its nutritive 'core'.

Manufacturing: the last process in the production chain consists in using the oil obtained to create our different food products. From testing to bottling, everything is fully done in-house.